The player in PuzzelScript is the thing you'll be controling when you or your friends play your wonderful game. He/She can do anything from pushing crates to slaying dragons. The person is a block but you can change that. It doesn't have to be a person. it could be a cat or a robot or any thing.


Orriginaly your person will look like on fat single block. Luckly I'm here to show you how to change that. Let's say you wnat a man with black hair, peach skin, red shirt, and blue pants you would go to the objects then find a green word that says player. Then go right under that and type BLACK ORANGE RED BLUE. Make sure that the colors are all in caps. Then go under that and do somthing like this but without the spaces.






This should all turn yellow. You can only have a 5-5. If you add any more they'll turn green. The period represents a block of air. The zero represents a black block since the game system starts counting at zero and since black was the first color we wrote. The one reprsents orange because orange is the second color we wrote. Same goes with the red and blue, but with two and three. You can do this with different colors and shapes just make sure it's a 5-5, and if you didn't it won't turn yellow. if you do all periods the player will turn invisible so you can mess around with that.                                             

Player CoadingEdit

There are some coadings that allow you to enable yor player to do different things like pulling or pushing crates/boxes. To make it so they can push boxes type this into the Rules section of the coading    [ >  Player | Crate ] -> [  >  Player | > Crate  ]     and if you want to make it so they can only pull do the same thing but with this rule  [ < Player | Crate ] -> [ < Player | < Crate ] but if you want them to be able to pull and push do this rule 

      [ < Player | Crate ] -> [ < Player | < Crate ]                                                                                                        [ >  Player | Crate ] -> [  >  Player | > Crate  ]    

Make sure to do a enter between them otherwise it won't work.